Only One-third Of Young Belgian Adults Still Watch TV

Just over one-third (36%) of young adults in Belgium still watch traditional television, according to a study, published on Wednesday by the Deloitte consultancy.

Advertorial | First published by Norin Busenhart on: May 30, 2019

The study, conducted among 2,000 respondents aged 18 to 24 years, found that close to half had a subscription to an on-demand video service. Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and other similar services were thus more popular among young people than TV, it noted.

The television and video industry has undergone spectacular changes in record time as consumers’ habits change rapidly, Deloitte noted. The availability of on-demand video in particular has brought about a marked swing in their behaviour. “Consumers expect interesting and attractive television and video programming, accessible at all times and in all places, in the format that best suits their immediate needs,” the study notes.

Such demands are satisfied in particular by the major streaming platforms. Among Belgians of all ages, 25% have access to on-demand video services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. In the 18-24 age group, 47% do.

Many TV channels have reacted to the online competition by proposing a broad spectrum of media libraries, rebroadcasting platforms and new formats, such as Auvio for the Belgian channel RTBF or RTL Play for RTL Belgium.

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